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Nofo Hotel & Winebar

Tjärhovsgatan 11

If you’re looking for that almost forbidden feeling of finding something no one else knows about, that hidden treasure of hush-hush for people in the know – welcome to NOFO Wine bar.
Our sommeliers take pride in guiding you to your new go-to wine but you’re just as welcome if you’re in the mood for a quick dinner or classy cocktail. The ambition is to create a vibrant and relaxed environment without ever compromising with that extra je ne sais quoi that is expected whenever you visit Nofo Winebar.

Kostnadsfri bokningshjälp 020-10 00 59

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Telefon: 08-506 285 00 | 020-10 00 59

Adress: Industrivägen 1, 171 48 Solna


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