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Comwell Aarhus Dolce by Wyndham

Værkmestergade 2,

Comwell Aarhus welcomes you to a world of design, quality and well being with the city's best view of the harbor, forest and beach. A hotel stay in Aarhus welcomes you with endless possibilities for entertainment and unique experiences.
The hotel is located at one of the city's most central adresses close to centrum and the station.
On the 1st floor you will find Restaurant V. A brasserie with a cozy and urban atmosphere. With a view of "Spain" and the open kitchen, there is something for all senses in our beautiful locations, which are tastefully decorated with HAY furniture.
Our kitchen manager emphasizes good craftsmanship, classic virtues and focuses on organic and Danish produce. In the morning our chefs are ready to prepare warm dishes with eggs for you.

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